Apcalis SX Review: Great Drug but Consult Your Doctor if Planning to Use This for the First Time 

Brand: Apcalis SX

Active Ingredient: Tadalafil

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Ajanta Pharma

Country of Manufacture: India

Apcalis SX Package Image

Review and Description

Apcalis Sx, the product of the company Ajanta Pharma, is one of the generic alternatives for Cialis—the famous (and quite expensive) Tadalafil-containing drug for impotence. Apcalis Sx from Ajanta has the same Tadalafil and ingredient but this product is way cheaper than Cialis from Eli Lilly—a variance of at least $50 per pill.

Although Apcalis Sx is a generic brand for impotence treatment, it is widely known for its benefits for the patients when it comes to restoring lost erectile function. Its mechanism (due to its Tadalafil content) allows more rigid erections in males due to the increased blood flow to the penis tissues. This action can last for as long as 36 hours in males, give or take, depending on the patients’ impotence severity and response to Tadalafil contained in the product.

As for the manufacturer, the brand Ajanta Pharma from India is actually one of the renowned companies manufacturing generic treatments for the patients. It is primarily known for its impotence solutions (for males), specifically, for Kamagra—a wide range of erectile dysfunction products with Sildenafil Citrate, the same ingredient found in Viagra. Concerning approvals, Ajanta Pharma is recognized by the United States FDA—although not for Apcalis Sx but for one of its manufacturing plants. Ajanta continues to expand its service in the world and even opened a division in the United States and a number of countries in the world.

Customer Reviews

Since Apcalis SX has become one of the buyer favorites when it comes to Tadalafil treatment, it has gained a reputation amongst users of the product. Men—those who were bold enough to post their online reports for the drug, at least—wrote their opinions on the effect of Apcalis Sx for their impotence treatment at several web review platforms. I found some male user comments for Apcalis Sx:

According to Roger Hill, from the United States, Apcalis Sx is a unique drug with an unparalleled effect for impotence mitigation

According to Roger Hill, from the United States, Apcalis Sx is a unique drug with an unparalleled effect for impotence mitigation. He already tried other treatment options for his medical condition but by far, the drug Apcalis Sx gave the best effect. Apcalis Sx, according to him, lasted longer than the average Tadalafil treatment.

Tim White, a client from Australia, related how he’s used Apcalis Sx for some time and according to him, the product enabled him to perform better in bed, providing him the “hardness” he needed in fulfilling his sexual duties.

Pricing and Dosage

Apcalis is available in just 10 and 20 mg tablets. Its intake recommendation is 10-20mg, on-demand, and a maximum of one dose in a 36-hour period to allow for the proper excretion of your initial dosage for the product.

Naturally, the drug Apcalis Sx is cheaper than the Cialis drug from the company Eli Lilly due to its generic status

Naturally, the drug Apcalis Sx is cheaper than the Cialis drug from the company Eli Lilly due to its generic status. This product costs at least $38.35 in some web drugstores (like Pharmacy Mall, one of the top web shops for generic drugs) although the prices for this product may rise or fall depending on the discretion of the sellers.

How to Buy Apcalis SX Online

How do you buy Apcalis Sx? Simple—you can navigate the web and manually search for stores with erectile dysfunction treatments, although this may take you a long while. However, you can simply opt for Pharmacymall.net or Canadapharmacy24h.com, two of the best online stores when it comes to generic drug purchases.



These stores have utterly low prices for all their products, making them a great choice whenever you’re thinking of saving when it comes to your drug purchases. Shipping fees charged by these stores are also quite reasonable, unlike rip-off stores that charge impossible shipping fees (sometimes even exceeding the order amount).

How to Use

Apcalis Sx is easy to use—you only need to take the drug when needed, about 1-2 hours before sex. This lead time is to ensure that the drug is properly absorbed in your system. However, the main point of Tadalafil is to allow the patients to have fewer time concerns, so you actually don’t need to time your intake of Apcalis Sx, unlike when using Sildenafil Citrate drug Viagra and similar products.

Make sure you’re actually prescribed with Apcalis Sx by your doctor before taking the product since there is a long list of special instructions accompanying the intake of the product. There are medicines which naturally and deleteriously interact with the product, as well as medical conditions which may worsen in the presence of Tadalafil in their system.

Side Effects

Side effects from Tadalafil drugs, although generally undamaging and benign, should still be anticipated by the patients. You are at risk of getting nagging headaches, stomach pain, back pain, flushing, and even dizziness when using Apcalis Sx or any similar product. Consult your doctor when you experience anything other than erectile improvement from the drug Apcalis Sx.

Conclusion with Rating

Apcalis Sx is one generic treatment from an impressive company, Ajanta Pharma, which hails from India. This drug is one of the online pharmacy favorites due to its low price and effectiveness. Apcalis Sx’s reviews are positive and consumers did not air complaints about this product. Because of this, we recommend this drug’s use and give it a good score of 4 out of 5. Of course, you need to consult your doctor before trying out this drug for the first time.

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