Apcalis Side Effects: The Best Weekend Pill to Try

Apcalis Side Effects

Brand: Apcalis

Active Ingredient: Tadalafil

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Ajanta Pharma

Country of Manufacture: India

Apcalis Package Image

Review and Description

Apcalis is Ajanta Pharma’s erectile dysfunction medicine that comes with Tadalafil as its active ingredient. It works as a PDE-5 enzyme inhibitor and aid men that cannot obtain an erection. With the help of Apcalis, men with ED can now enjoy sexual activity with their partners.

The principle behind this PDE5 enzyme inhibitor is simple. The Tadalafil content of Apcalis helps the penile muscle to relax while regulating its blood flow. Since the blood flow in the penile muscle has been regulated, the penis becomes firmer and harder for a period of time, usually up to 4 hours. It means that it can go soft and hard in no time during the said 4 hours, with the help of sexual stimulation. Apcalis is a known version of Cialis and belongs to a group of drugs called generic Cialis.

This generic Cialis medicine is a product of India. It was made by Ajanta Pharma. Ajanta is just one of the hundreds of pharmaceutical companies in India that produces generic ED medicine. It is registered as a manufacturing and marketing company that focuses on pharma products and formulas. It started operating in 1973. The markets of Ajanta includes the Philippines, most Asian countries, the Middle East and the CIS countries. This pharma organization has 7 manufacturing facilities.

Customer Reviews

A customer review is one of our main source of consistent information about any product. For Apcalis efficacy and Apcalis side effects, we also want to hear it from users first. The manufacturer of Apcalis has mentioned some Apcalis side effects that potential users must expect but we still want to hear directly from people who tried it. Here are some of the feedback we found from Apcalis users.

44-year old William Goodking shared how devastated he was after learning that he can no longer obtain an erection

44-year old William Goodking shared how devastated he was after learning that he can no longer obtain an erection. He said he tried so many gels and pills to no avail until he saw an online advertisement for Apcalis. The said ads changed his life. After trying Apcalis, William knew that he got his life back and he was so thankful for it.

39-year old Patrick had the same experience as William. He learned of his ED problem and decided to fix it with pills until he met Apcalis. Apcalis brought back his manliness and Patrick said that he is now happy and whole again.

Patrick and William were two men who lost their virility and got it back with Apcalis pills. Apcalis side effects were not mentioned by these men hence we believe that they didn’t have to endure it.

Pricing and Dosage

Apcalis is available in three dosages. It comes in 5 mg, 10 mg, and 20 mg. The dosage that you need to take depends on the severity of your ED problem. Your doctor will determine it for you hence you need to follow your doctor’s order.

For pricing, the Apcalis 20 mg costs

For pricing, the Apcalis 20 mg costs $3.83 per tablet. This can get cheaper if you will order at least 20 pills. For an order of 20 pills, each tablet will now just costs $2.67 and $2.28 for an order of 30 pills. You can save more if you will buy 60 pills because it will just cost you $189 per tablet. For an order of 90 pills, each tablet will just cost $1.76. If you will order 90 tablets, you can save as much as 50% from its original price.

How to Buy Apcalis Online

Apcalis is one of the easiest ED drugs to find online. This ED medicine can be found in any online pharmacies.



When buying medicines online especially ED drugs, it is best to check the prices of at least 3 e-stores. Most e-stores have different pricing scheme and they offer different perks and promotions as well to attract more customers. Since Apcalis is very popular, you can easily find reliable e-stores that offer it. Choose the one that offers free shipping and bonus pills.

How to Use

Apcalis has a power that works up to 36 hours because of its Tadalafil content. Men who will take it are advised to take one tablet every 48 hours if needed. If you are not going to engage in a sexual activity in the next 48 hours, there is no need to take another tablet. This is a powerful ED drug hence do not take it regularly, take it as needed only.

Apcalis is available in tablet form. Take it orally. Have a glass of water and do not chew or crush it before swallowing it. This ED medicine is safe to be taken even on an empty stomach.

Side Effects

There are common Apcalis side effects that you need to consider when taking this ED drug. The common side effects of Apcalis are headaches, nasal congestion, and having an upset stomach. This ED medicine is also known to cause flushing and swelling of the face, hands, and feet.

There is no need to take any medicine to treat the adverse reactions associated with Apcalis. You need to talk to a doctor though if you started having serious side effects such as vision loss and chest pains.

Conclusion with Rating

We are awarding a 5-star review to generic Cialis Apcalis because of its good user reviews. We are also bound to give it a high rating for its wide market availability and for its very affordable price. If you are looking for a good weekend ED pill to try, Apcalis is the best one that we can recommend.

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